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Hit By A Car



Last semester, on the ride home from my college residency, I was laying across the back seat and just waking up from a short nap. Julie screamed and I sat up in time to see a doe walking in front of the car. Julie tried to avoid it but the doe ducked her head in confusion and managed to stick her neck out, placing it directly under the front right tire.

Bump thump. 

Julie pulled over and I watched through the back window as the doe writhed for a moment and then died. It happened very quickly, unexpected. And that was that. Julie, Monique and I got out and looked at the carcass. Then we moved on. Julie felt terrible, but it wasn’t her fault. There wasn’t anything any of us could have done differently, except to not have driven in a car.

Anyone who drives on the road is familiar with road kill. We have a subculture filled with jokes, kitsch and lore surrounding dead animals on the side of the road.

Road Killed

What we tend to not notice is that we’re impacting the environment.

© Chris Madden

Someone will say, “Big deal, it’s a deer. They have no natural predators anymore and need to be reduced. There are so many of them. Yada yada.” But my point is that we impact the environment every single day and yet we pick and choose what becomes the acceptable norm vs. what gets our attention.

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Its so true, its the little things in life that we CAN effect!

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