BP Protest Ride

Day 5: Belfair to Port Townsend

Bike lane

Belfair to Port Townsend

It’s Friday.

Bike lane

Bike lane!

It rained on and off yesterday so my camera was out only intermittently.


Thought pollution.

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. (I wonder if someone cleans up the candidate’s signs after the election.)


Pirate candidate. Wait, someone drew on that eye patch.

Nobody yelled at me or mistook me for a criminal yeterday.



In fact, despite a small road with no shoulder and a lot of pot holes, the ride was problem free for the most part.

Route 3 became a full highway and I was on it. It was actually quite nice because the land was flat and the wind was behind me. However, when the exits came up it was pretty nerve racking. I didn’t stay on there too long.

When Route 3 curved to the left I opted to exit only to find myself on another highway with large walls on either side. I now understand roadkill from a different perspective. Cars and trucks do not stop for anything. It’s their highway, get off!

From where I was, it seemed possible to go back to Route 3. After running across the east bound lanes to the west bound side, it became apparent that I was standing at the very end of the shoulder before it became the onramp to Route 3. I’d certainly be hit if I tried to go that way. My sense of security disappeared and it was time to bail.

I climbed a 4.5 ft high concrete wall to find myself on the cul de sac in a very blue collar neighborhood. The people there really looked at me as I rode through town. Still, no police interaction.

Modern home

Modernist home on the waterfront.

Houses all start to look the same but once in a while something unique catches my eye. I like modern homes so I photographed the one above. It was on the waterfront in a nice area. What a show place. A large house on a fairly small lot.

One residence (which I did not photograph) had a boat, a large SUV and several cars out front. A small house had two Hummers parked in the driveway. I also passed a very modest (actually, small and dirty) roadside trailer with a very nice, new Ford Mustang parked outside. What does it say about people when their car is nicer or better kept than their home? Perhaps I should ask myself. My bicycle is a real head turner, after all.


Imagine this parked outside while a stranger photographs your home.

For every hill you glide down, there’s another one to climb up. No, wait, other way around.

Shopping road

Road in anywhere.

My motto for the past two days has been, “I kill hills.”


Construction passed.

In fact, I got to the top of one hill to find a line of cars, with their engines shut off, backed up due to road construction (they were installing bike lanes). I rode all the way to the front and they let me through! After passing the construction, I paused to take a picture. 



Why do people spray weed killer on Dandelions? What’s wrong with lots of yellow flowers?

PT Sign

First sign for Port Townsend.

The first Port Townsend sign was a happy moment. Then came the Hood Canal Bridge. What a mile marker!


Hood Canal Bridge.

Thank goodness they added bike lanes in 2009.

HCB view

View from the Hood Canal Bridge.

The sun finally started to peek out.


Barn on the way to Port Townsend.

12 more miles. About an hour to go.


Barn on the way to Port Townsend.


PT Sign

Welcome to Port Townsend.

I arrived in Port Townsend yesterday at about 6 PM. I left Belfair at 11 AM. 


Downtown Port Townsend.

The other day I complained about being old. Today I felt… not young, but strong.

By the time I reached town I was drenched in sweat, needed to do laundry and was hungry for dinner.

Killer hill

I kill hills.

There was one last hill to climb. It had three and a half parts. To demonstrate how I kill hills, I took its picture while peddling up the first part ‘cuz that’s how I roll now. 


Olympic Hostel.

After finally reaching the hostel, I did my laundry and went to bed. One of the guys in the room was snoring. Hopefully tonight will be a better night for sleep.

For Worden Tree

Tree at Fort Worden.

School starts tonight and Fort Worden will be my home for the next week. This is my last college residency so I’m going to do my best to soak up all the discussions about art, social justice, appropriation and all that jazz.

The BP Protest Ride home begins next Saturday!

I’ll do my best to update this blog during the week. There’s a bunch of things I’d like to show and tell you. If you have anything you want to know about, please comment. I’m not checking email while away. Thanks for reading.

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