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GF-Cronus I sold my Redline Monocog and got a Gary Fisher Cronus a few years ago. The single speed was cool but I found myself craving a few gears from time-to-time. The Cronus was for sale at a local bike shop and then I found one on eBay for half of retail. The wide tires and the build of this bike make me happy, plus the fact that it is a 9-speed. Nine speeds are plenty for commuting. Hopefully nine speeds will be plenty for long distance riding as well!

After riding a Kona Paddy Wagon I decided that skinny tires are not for me. I tend to pound on my bikes and the Cronus can really take a beating. I’ve had it for about four years and have had no troubles with the derailleur, brakes, frame, or anything. When I first arrived in Portland I went through about five bikes before getting this one. It also has an aluminum frame (no rust).

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