David Vanadia

David speaking and teaching.
Speaking, teaching, talking, performing.

I’m David Vanadia, an Italian-American storyteller and teacher. I never lie but I can tell the truth from a lie.

Since 1995, I have performed original stories in the United States and abroad at schools, bars, coffeehouses, clubs and festivals including the Digital Storytelling Festival and the Yukon International Storytelling Festival. I’ve also presented and/or offered classes and workshops at companies, colleges and conferences.

As a narrative practitioner, I employ an interdisciplinary approach to storytelling that incorporates writing, performing, teaching, organizing live events, folklore, multimedia, documentation, and facilitating narrative environments. I call this approach Applied Narrative because it draws no lines between the lessons of a classroom, the fun of a game space, and the magic of a storytelling experience.

A product of suburban New Jersey, I grew up on Woody Woodpecker, GI Joe, Star Wars, Spielberg, Kiss, and McDonalds. Influenced by commerce, my art often dismantles the persuasive rhetoric of commercialism, marketing, and advertising while asking, “Do I matter? Is it true? Do I really need to buy this?”

From Repoman’s Assistant to Easter Bunny, I’ve worked all kinds of story-worthy jobs. I was working as a communications consultant in New York City where the events of 9/11 affected me deeply and inspired me to return to college so that I could devote my life to practicing and teaching my favorite folk arts. Today I make storyworks, teach Tai Chi, and live by the beach with my wife, Gwenn.