David Vanadia

Sunset Tai Chi classes on LBI.

Sunset Tai Chi on LBI

The dynamic movements of Tai Chi Chuan, performed in slow motion, are the result of generations of practitioners and teachers honing and deciphering the secrets of the known and unknown universe. Wheather one practices for health or martial purposes (or both), there is a virtually endless array wisdom woven into the passages of these forms, handed down through time and awaiting your discovery. Learn to cultivate the calm serentity of this ancient art before modern technology pushes you to completely forget. The first step is to take a class.

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Still images from the documentary.

PDX Sound Off: A Documentary

Currently being edited, this video shows how public-private partnerships influence city government. When Portland, Oregon residents tried to get construction companies to adhere to the local noise ordinance, local government protected corporate privilage and suppressed citizen’s rights. Starring police, politicians, developers, neighbors, citizen activists, construction workers, social workers, and the Department of Environmental Quality—this video is a must see for Portland residents or anyone who ever wondered why the police are sometimes very choosy about which laws they will or will not enforce.

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